mireia aragones carol

Alexander technique teacher, Pilates Instructor and Performer


My teaching draws on a range of modalities, my methodology most strongly grounded in The Alexander Technique and my experience as a dancer and dance maker.


My aim is to guide student learning through heightened body awareness, qualities of attention and exploration of movement. This combination of resources restores body/mind coordination, releases stuck movement patterns and opens up new possibilities for improving posture and moving with greater ease and flexibility. As a result, habitual ways of holding and carrying tensions give way to a more comfortable quality of relationship with your body, your awareness and yourself.


In my dance improvisation workshops I aim to encourage creative exploration through inviting participants to visit the unknown, cultivating presence for the unfolding moment, fostering playful curiosity and spontaneous creative expression.

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one to one & groups


...a holistic approach to body centered training...


Alexander Technique

one to one & workshops


...unfolding the inherent

body´s coordination...

Dance Improvisation



...exploring the unknown...



I especially like Mireia´s detailed attention, almost meditative approach, which leads to a deeper knowledge of one's body. The training is aimed primarily on poise and relaxation, the muscle building is an enjoyable byproduct.

Adele, Berlin

What I really like about your classes is that you work calmly and precisely,

and you always find solutions for acute things.
The training helps me to compensate for my sedentary activity, it has helped me, my herniated disc to heal so that I do not need any tablets and I'm not restricted. When I get back pain, I know now all alone, what should I do to control it.

Karin, Berlin

...Whereby not the following and execution of the exercise is in the foreground, but the activation of the body´s memory and consciousness. The class does not consist of individual exercises to be processed, but builts up a coherent unity by witch I can let myself be carried through the tasks.

After a few months I realise that in my daily life (office, family dinners, subway) I´m more able to let go, to release, and so stress doesn´t need to arise.

Blockades and spinal disc problems that have accompanied me over 2 years are, with only 1 weekly training, completely gone.

Anne, Berlin



Mireia Aragonès (Barcelona 1983)

Alexander Technique teacher, Pilates instructor and movement artist.

I´ve been dancing for as long as I can remember, beginning with Classical, moving through Contemporary to Performance Art and Contact Improvisation in to what is now called “Somatic” work.


Motivated by my desire to improve my performance and deepen in my anatomy knowledge I found the Pilates Method, completing the full Peak Pilates Trainer education in 2005, teaching groups and one to one classes since then.


Dancing and teaching my research and practice is an ongoing enquiry in to motion and awareness (or perception); how do we produce movement?; the value and meaning of presence; the value and power of listening to your own body, non-doing and touch; exploring the influence of our anatomical and perceptive systems on one another; exploring differing qualities of being and movement.

These interests have grown in response to my thirst for self development and function as key anchors for developing and refining supportive strategies, both on the dance floor and in the dance of life.


In 2008 I moved to Berlin to expand my performance and teaching skills. Exploring and deepening my practice through the guidance of many teachers, Kirstie Simson, Martin Keogh, Eva Karzacg and Julyen Hamilton have been and continue to be deep influences.


My teaching path has developed alongside my performance practice and research and is now my chief focus. In 2014 I graduate as an Alexander Technique teacher (ATVD), a technique that underlies and provides a common ground supporting and enriching the other modalities I work with. I teach groups, one to one and workshops in Berlin and abroad, I assist Elisabeth Molle in the HZT (Dance studies in Berlin´s university) and collaborate in the improvisation collective Imprevu.


My classes can be held in english, german, spanish and catalan.



Manteuffelstraße 39, 10997 Berlin

mireiastaki@gmail.com \\ Tel: +49 163/6865758


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