Alexander Technique


"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom"

Viktor Frankl


Life is a constant succession of stimuli that we receive and react to, consciously or unconsciously: Street noise; a telephone call; our work; our relationships; our wishes and fears… Our reactions to those stimuli is mostly unconscious, responses that our learned in the past, replayed often automatically, “decisionless”. Over time these unconscious reactions can become stuck patterns of relating, expressing themselves as chronic tension, influencing the ways we move, breathe, think, feel and act in the world.


The Alexander technique re-organizes such patterns. Rather than trying to disperse tension through manipulation, The Alexander Technique consciously addresses the roots of postural support so that movement and breathing can perform coherently and with ease.


In sessions the guidance of the Alexander teacher´s hands and verbal instructions help you to reorganize and redistribute muscle tone, enabling more naturally supportive musculature. This liberates body and breath from unnecessary restrictions, reducing interference, supporting the self-sustaining intelligence of the body to express itself more freely.


Frederick Mathias Alexander (1869-1955) was a pioneer in the scientific investigation of somatic intelligence and the development of a methodology for restoring a natural and effortless relationship with the body. He was the first to understand the importance of the relationship head-neck-back and how this “Primary Control” (as he called this relationship) influences the way we perceive, the way we react and as a result the quality of our experience and functioning. The benefits of this work can show up as heightened physical awareness; heightened quality of consciousness; a supportive and uplifting quality of presence; a clearer, calmer physiology.


Keystones of the work:


  • The body as a psychophysical unity.

  • Recognition of the force of habit.

  • recognition of our faulty sensory awareness.

  • primary control (relationship between head and spine).

  • Engaging with “the means whereby” instead of end-gaining through employing

    inhibition, non-doing and sending directions.


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Combining touch and certain directions I will help you tune in and listen to your body, finding together new strategies for improved posture, movement, perception and increased awareness.


We will work from your habitual positions and movement patterns (sitting, standing, walking, playing a musical instrument, etc.) to realize How you´re “using” yourself, and then adjust what is interfering -causing unnecessary stress/pain- in your natural, inherent, coordination.


This technique will help you to cultivate more ease, not only in the way you move, but in how you take decisions and cope with change.


This class is recommended for:


- Performing artists, musicians, dancers, actors who are interested in improving ease, stamina and enjoyment of practice and performance.


- People who suffer from chronic pain or are recovering from an injury.


- People who want to find more ease in their activities and daily lives.


The underlying working principle is that my role is not to fix or cure your problems but to help you learn how to help yourself.





Alexander Technique Studio 

Anklamer Str. 51, 10115 Berlin


PRICE: sliding scale according to income

"Drop -in" (1x  60min): 50€ to 80€

"Get to know " (pack offer of 3x 60min): 140€ to 210€

"Learner" (pack offer of 10x 60min): 450€ to 650€



Introductory workshop for 2-4 participants on request.