Dance Improvisation


We all start learning through movement and touch, before other senses develop.

It shapes how we understand ourselves and the world, and so determines our relationships and actions.


My interest in human beings has driven me towards psychology, eastern philosophy, movement based practices and “body-mind” approaches. I wanted to understand what was behind all those shapes I’d unconsciously learned in order to feel safe, to communicate, to resist, to meet something new? I’d often felt imprisoned by those shapes. My intuition told me something else was possible.


In my dance studies I found the way towards that something else, through Release technique, Authentic movement, Improvisation (and Instant composition) and Contact Improvisation.


Those Dance approaches opened up a new sense of myself and the world. After more than fiveteen years of practice I´m still fascinated by this ongoing unfolding process, a source of constant nourishment for my teaching and my life.


Following this interest, I offer specific workshops on Performance, Contact Improvisation and Instant Composition, mostly in Berlin. Since 2015 in collaboration with Tanja Hübner.



What supports your dance? Which psychophysical states are needed to improvise?

Which are the correlations between tone and attention?

HEADS OFF! A Contact Improvisation training for those experienced practitioners who desire to move beyond their patterns and keep asking questions of how this dance occurs.

Learning from somatic approaches, functional anatomy, Improvisation Scores and from each other in a regular group open to guests. 

5th July - 30th August I Tuesdays 18-20h I K77

135€ (115€ until 7th June) 

Drop in 15€

Taught in German / English