Pilates is a physical training that uses specific tools to help you master; the control of your movement; the coordination of your body parts; the coordination of movement with breath; your flexibility and your balance.


The method was developed by J.H. Pilates (1883-1967) as his response to his poor health and subsequently to help others to recover or improve their physical conditions.


I use this method in collaboration with the Alexander Technique, Body mind Centering, Release technique and Yoga.





Pilates was conceived as a practice to be taught in one to one sessions. Through a series of guided movement exercises Pilates trains balance, strength, flexibility and quality of perception. The movement exercises are performed on a mat and on equipment specifically designed for this work (reformer/cadillac/chair/barrel and accessories). Movements are graded and tailored to suit and develop as the practitioner abilities grow.


My approach to the work is enriched by my dance and Alexander Technique experience, expanding the anatomical/functional focus of Pilates to include a heightened awareness of the body´s innate intelligence and a deeper perceptual field, both in preparing to move and in motion.


These classes are for:


- Anyone interested in developing a more holistic approach to body centered training.


- People in recovery from injuries or with an interest in developing skills for injury prevention.


- People who suffer from chronic back &/or neck pain & reduced mobility in the spine & neck.




On request.

In Makeda Pilates Studio

Pasteurstraße 20, 10407 Berlin




Single class 65€

Discount: 5Card x 315€ / 10Card x 600€




This class uses a guided movement series in order to gently activate your body´s supportive musculature, whilst consciously re-educating the way you hold yourself, your posture and the way you move.


Promoting heightened and more accurate embodied awareness, increased flexibility, balance and strength become available.


This class is appropriate for:


-Anyone looking for a guided physical training that respects and embraces their individual needs and particularities.


-Anyone who would enjoy the benefits of moving their bodies and releasing stress after a long working day.


-Especially appropriate for those who suffer from back pain or who are looking for effective stress reduction strategies.

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